Chelsea thinks Love Is Blind should change the rules after all the Megan Fox backlash

I hate to break it to you, but Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Blackwell looks like Megan Fox.

Face-to-face over Zoom, she looks like her in the same way anyone you know looks like a celebrity – they share some basic features here and there (i.e., blue, upturned eyes and high cheekbones), but nobody's running up to Chelsea asking her to autograph their Jennifer’s Body DVD. Not for the first time since part one of Love Is Blind season six hit Netflix on Valentine’s Day, I find myself thinking, “I can see it.”

That being said, the 31-year-old flight attendant probably shouldn't have discussed her so-called doppelgänger on a show that’s supposed to focus on everything but looks, and she knows that. “I obviously regret bringing it up, 100 percent,” Chelsea says, revealing that she overheard other women discussing the topic in the girls’ lounge and thought it would be fun fodder for a date. “I wasn’t the only one doing it.”

“That doesn’t make it okay, by any means,” she adds quickly, clearly fearing that the masses who’ve been dragging her online for over a week will think she’s making an excuse. “It’s not the point of the experiment. That’s completely the opposite of it. Obviously, I’ve learned my lesson. I hope that for future people who go on Love Is Blind, they make it official rule to not even try to explain that or have those conversations.”

Let’s be explicitly clear: That’s Chelsea's only regret, no matter what you think of her love triangle with Jimmy Presnell and Trevor Sova… or her love triangle with Jimmy and Jessica Vestal… or the sheer number of times she cried on camera. “I was never not myself on the show,” she says of the “intense” response to her controversial story arc. “So if you don’t like me, then that’s on you. I’m doing pretty good.”

Below, GLAMOUR US speaks with Chelsea about the Megan Fox of it all, therapy, and how she’s handling her time as TikTok’s main character (though she’s currently sharing that space with Tom Sandoval, Lea Cayanan from The Bachelor, and whoever TF Reesa Teesa married). Yeah, it’s been a wild week to be chronically online.

Glamour: Do you feel a little vindicated now that the world has seen your friends tell Jimmy that people say you look like Megan Fox in episode seven?


Chelsea Blackwell: Slightly, but then I also am getting more shit about the Carrie Underwood thing. So I’m like, Dang it. I can’t win. I can’t win. I’m just fighting this battle.

Frankly, I was surprised the Megan Fox thing took off as much as it did when Matthew exists.

You know what? I took one for the team. I gave the most so that they didn’t have to take any heat.

Do you have any other regrets beyond the Megan Fox of it all?

I don’t have any other regrets at all. I was my authentic self. I was very open and wore my heart on my sleeve. The cameras did not exist to me; that was my life. Jimmy and I, of course, had our ups and we had our downs, and every relationship has those. Every relationship has insecurities, especially heightened in this sense. We’re in such a weird, weird environment that we’re trying to manoeuvre together. So I don’t have any regrets because I was just myself.

Not to harp on this topic, but how did it feel watching Jimmy tell producers you “lied” after seeing you for the first time?

So, he warned me. He said, “You know, I screamed at the camera telling them that you lied.” And that sucks to hear. But, I mean, it’s crazy watching back and seeing it. It’s so goofy because when I saw our reveal and how cringy it was, I was just sitting back like, This is so special. Like, this was such a special moment in my life and I thought it was so sweet, but it was not. [Laughs.]

Love is Blind.  Chelsea Jimmy in episode 605 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Chelsea and Jimmy see each other for the first time in episode 605.


A lot of people online believe you would have chosen whomever proposed first. Do you have any thoughts on that?


I knew I was gonna say yes to Jimmy the night before. Jimmy was my last date before proposal day, and we just had a conversation that I really needed to get from Jimmy. I wish they showed mine and Jimmy’s connection in the pods because it was so wonderful and beautiful. It was such a wonderful story, and they didn’t show it at all. I knew I was gonna say yes to Jimmy.

You don’t know who you’re gonna get first on proposal day. I could have had Trevor, I could have had Jimmy. So that was an emotional roller coaster on its own, but it wouldn’t have mattered. I would have broken up with Trevor the night before if I had the opportunity, but I didn’t.

In the teaser for next week’s episodes, you see Trevor in person for the first time. Did that moment change anything for you?

I love Trevor with all my heart. He’s wonderful. He’s a great human. He is exactly how he is on the show. He’s just this big old teddy bear. I’m grateful to have had the journey I had and it included him. I’m very grateful for that.

On TikTok, Jessica [who was also dating Jimmy in the pods] said you two are very good friends. Would you agree with that?


So how do you feel about Jessica’s conversation with Laura at the bar? [In episode eight, Jessica discusses her unresolved feelings about Jimmy before telling producers that seeing him would be like “dangling temptation right in his face.”]

Jessica has every right to feel the way she feels, and she expressed how she was feeling. She had a very strong relationship with Jimmy, and she had her emotions just like I do. I have every right to express how I’m feeling and she did too. So instead of getting upset about it or hurt about it or taking it offensively, like, just… let her talk.

You’ve responded to all the controversy with a lot of humour on social media, but how are you feeling emotionally?

It’s intense. It’s very intense, but I am so proud of how I am handling it. I’m handling it so well. I am using my humour to kind of get me along. It’s just so silly, the things that people get so mad about, and I’m just kind of riding it out.

In one TikTok response you let fans know you have a therapist. What have you learned from that?

As soon as we stopped filming, I went to therapy immediately. And I’m so grateful because I never was in therapy before and it’s so crucial. And I really want to shed light on how important therapy is.

On the show, I was very, very insecure. It’s just such a weird journey that not a lot of people are understanding, like, of course there’s going to be insecurities. Of course there’s going to be doubt. You’re trying to figure out if you’re going to marry this person, and of course your insecurities are heightened. Just like I said in my video, it’s just very intense and everything’s enhanced. So I’ve really learned so much about being insecure and kind of manoeuvring that and managing that ’cause I am so competent and I know who I am as a person.

Which other couple is your favourite from what we’ve seen so far?

Oh, Amy and Johnny, 100 percent! My girl!

Episodes 10 and 11 of Love Is Blindseason six, drop on Netflix on February 28.

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