Create the Same Black Cat Eye as Megan Fox With Her $7 Eyeliner

Megan Fox’s infamous cat eye makeup look is due to a $7 eyeliner that will last you all night long.

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Megan Fox‘s makeup artist Jenna Kristina gave a sneak peek of the products she uses on the model, and when we found out she uses a $7 liquid eyeliner, we needed to find out more. Megan is always rocking a smokey or cat eye with her makeup looks to extenuate her light eyes and dark hair. The Maybelline Makeup Eyestudio Lasting Drama Get Eye Liner is pigmented to the max to give you a dramatic effect that will last all night. 

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On Megan, Jenna used the eyeliner along with an ultra-pointed brush to deliver a cat eye that looked as sharp as a knife, according to Who What Wear. The liner is long-lasting and waterproof, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about any smudges while wearing. The formula is oil-free and easily glides onto your eyes perfectly to bring you an intense and bold color. Although plenty of eye makeup can be irritating for your eyes, contact wearers do not need to fret — it’s suitable for sensitive eyes as well. Even better, the eyeliner is on sale for $7 on Amazon, when it’s originally $10.

black eyeliner

It’s easy to use and so small that you can bring it anywhere you need. There’s also creativity and versatility that comes along with this eyeliner — you can create the same striking looks as Megan or you can use it for a thin and dainty line. If you aren’t looking for the same dramatic effect as Megan, the eyeliner also comes in a stunning brown shade, which you can use for a more natural look. The brown shade has a slight shimmer and can be used to create a latte-inspired makeup look that has been trending recently.

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