Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Reveals What She Said to Megan Fox After Controversial Comparison

What happens in the Love Is Blind pods does not stay in the Love Is Blind pods.

That's why Chelsea Blackwell slid into Megan Fox's DMs after a comment she made about looking like the Transformers star during the sixth season of the show went viral, with some fans dragging her for the comparison and others arguing there is, in fact, a resemblance between the two. 

"I reached out to Megan," Chelsea exclusively told E! News' Francesca Amiker, "and I just apologized to her, like 'I'm so sorry I included you in this mess.'"

After all, the Love Is Blind contestant felt she had a good idea of what Megan probably thought about her claiming they were lookalikes, quipping, "She's like, 'Who is this chick who said my name? Like, get my name out of your mouth.'"

And while the 31-year-old didn't reveal if Megan responded, she did give some back story on how the Jennifer's Body actress got mentioned during her now-infamous date with Jimmy Presnell, who wound up proposing to Chelsea in episode four. 

"It was such a silly comment that was made," she explained. "This was a five-hour date and it just kind of came out. And just before that, [Jimmy] was telling me he looks like Christian McCaffrey." 

In response to his off-camera doppelganger claim, Chelsea told him at the time, "I get one person, and it's just because I have dark hair and blue eyes."

She then added that she doesn't agree with the comparison so he shouldn't "get excited," before confessing that she looks like Machine Gun Kelly's "wife or girlfriend."

Love Is Blind, Season 6, Chelsea, Megan Fox

And while some fans were quick to tear her down over the conversation, Chelsea hasn't let the criticism get to her.

"It's so silly that people are so, so mad," she noted to E!. "I'm just kind of like, 'Listen, I gotta ride this out.'"

Insisting that she's in a good place despite the controversy, Chelsea added, "I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be. I don't know how I'm handling everything."

E! News reached out to Megan's rep for comment on the viral comparisons but hasn't heard back.

More episodes of Love Is Blind season six drop on Netflix Feb. 28. In the meantime, keep reading to revisit every cringe-inducing moment from the franchise. 

Andrew, Love Is Blind, Season 3, Tears, Eyedrops

When Andrew Faked Tears After Being Dumped by Nancy

After getting his proposal shot down by Nancy RodriguezAndrew Liu made sure cameras were rolling in his confessional before pulling out eyedrops from his pocket and putting them in his eyes. In a WTF moment, this, complete with some sniffling on his part, simulated real tears. 

"I never thought I could care for someone," he said after putting in the eyedrops, "that would bring me to tears."

After the season premiered, the ladies of season three would go on to call him a "clout chaser" and "trash" for the faked moment. 

Love Is Blind

When Raven Did a Workout In the Pods

In this awkward scene, Bartise Bowden made an emotional confession to pod partner Raven Ross about the difficulties in his parents' marriage. But on the other side of the wall, Raven was doing a full-blown workout, complete with reverse push-ups, a cat-cow stretch and jumping jacks.

"That was the beginning of the end for my parents' relationship," Bartise reflected during the episode. "This is crazy that I felt comfortable enough saying that. I would never have thought in a million years I would feel comfortable enough that I would share that f–kin' story. I can't believe I just did!"

After the scene went viral online, Raven apologized for the incident, telling E! News exclusively, "In the words of Keke Palmer, 'I am sorry to that man.'"

Love Is Blind

When Bartise Told Nancy He Was More Attracted to Raven

After Bartise proposed to Nancy, it seemed like all was well in paradise—until Bartise saw what Raven actually looked like behind that pod wall at a cocktail party. Bartise then admitted to Nancy that Raven is "the typical girl" he would date outside of Love Is Blind

"She came down, she was wearing these tight clothes," he said during the episode. "I was like, 'Okay, she's a f–king smokeshow. She's hot as s–t."

After seven of the season's episodes aired, Bartise made a TikTok admitting that he made a "mess" on the show.

Love Is Blind

When Shake Tried to Find Out Women's Weights in the Pods

Despite volunteering for a blind dating experiment, Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee repeatedly tried to find out information about women's physical appearances, especially their weights. During the pod portion, he repeatedly asked leading questions to the female cast members, telling Hope Antoniello Foley that he "gets along best with individuals that do work out" and asking Deepti Vempati if he could pick her up at a music festival. 

Though Shake ultimately said he was "ashamed" of his questions, he later walked back the statement during the reunion, saying, "We all have our physical preferences." He would also go on to say Deepti felt like his "aunt," which she ultimately shut down during their wedding vows. 

Love Is Blind Reunion, shake

When Shake Confessed He Was Attracted to Vanessa Lachey

Besides, you know, everything cringey about Shake's reunion performance, one especially awkward moment came when he was defending his lack of attraction to ex-fiancée Deepti—and his attraction to someone who wasn't even on the cast.

"Every woman here is beautiful. I think you're all beautiful. I'm not attracted to all of you. Unfortunately, the only one I'm attracted to is Vanessa [Lachey]," he said, to noises of disgust from his castmates. "And I wish I wasn't! I wish I wasn't. The point is, it's not a choice. It's nature, baby. We're animals." 

In response, her husband and co-host Nick Lachey referenced Shake's veterinary career, firing back, "No, you treat animals. We're human beings. There's a big difference. Now I see why you don't treat human beings." Yikes. 

Love Is Blind, Shane, Natalie

When Shayne Mistook Natalie for Shaina

Throughout his time in the pods, Shayne Jansen was torn between two women: Natalie Lee and Shaina Hurley. But an especially awkward moment came when he misidentified Natalie's voice as Shaina's, saying, "Shaina. That's who I was hoping for. What are you wearing over there?"

The mistake eventually led Natalie to get upset, while Shayne got defensive and left the room, saying, "If this little hiccup is that big of a deal and that changes everything, then maybe this is not what we thought it was."

Ultimately the two would make it to the altar, but Natalie wasn't able to say, "I do."

Love Is Blind

When Shaina Professed Her Feelings to Shayne—Despite Accepting a Proposal from Kyle

After accepting a proposal from Kyle Abrams, Shaina made one last attempt to win Shayne over. In an unexpected twist, she met with Shayne, telling him, "I just wanted you to know that I do have deep feelings for you."

Ultimately, Shayne turned her down, telling her they "wasted time" breaking things off. Shaina would go on to confront Natalie and Shayne at a bonfire, calling their relationship "fake."

Love Is Blind

When Giannina Told Damian He Wasn't the "Best Sex" of Her Life

During a particularly brutal fight, Giannina Gibelli admitted something soul-crushing to then-fiancé Damian Powers: that their sex life wasn't all he made it out to be. 

"You know how you tell me this is the best sex of your life?" she says with her back to him. "Have you noticed that I don't return the compliment?"

Though they didn't make it to the altar, Giannina and Damian did get back together before breaking up once again.

Love Is Blind

…And, of Course, When Jessica Let Her Dog Drink Her Wine

Who could forget the dog wine? Fans were disgusted after Jessica Batten let her dog take a sip of her red wine during a conversation with then-fiancé Mark Cuevas, whispering, "She loves wine." And apparently, Jessica was equally freaked out by the moment, too.

"I definitely have never done that before; I won't do that again," Jessica told Entertainment Weekly in Feb. 2020. "I love my dog more than anything and that was not something I would ever recommend anyone to do. I think I was just really uncomfortable. I don't even remember doing it. I don't know why I did that, but it was definitely unnecessary for sure."

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