‘No One Deserves To Get Bullied’: Megan Fox Reacts To Love Is Blind Star Chelsea Blackwell’s Comparison Controversy

In response to the comparison and the ensuing “dragging,” Love Is Blind actor Chelsea Blackwell made headlines earlier this year for claiming she has been compared to Megan Fox. However, Fox is not addressing the controversy.

Megan Fox says no to bullying
Fox, 37, learned about the drama quickly even though she isn’t a mᴀssive fan of the Netflix series. She told E! News: “I don’t really watch TV very much, so I’ve never had more people text me about something.”

Fox disclosed that the drama even made an appearance at the Academy Awards. It was just one of many shocking revelations and sensational scenes from the sixth season of the well-liked reality show. She told E! News, “But I’ve had a lot of people text me and stop me.” At Oscar parties, even other celebrities asked, “Do you watch Love is Blind? No, but I know what you’re talking about,” I responded.

The incident began when Blackwell informed then-love interest, Jimmy Presnell, that she’d been told she looked like Jennifer’s Body star in the past while she was still in the renowned Love is Blind pods. He said that Blackwell had “lied” to him about her appearance, despite her claims that she didn’t perceive the similarities and that she advised Presnell, with whom she was engaged before ending their relationship, not to “get excited” by the information.

Blackwell received much-unwanted attention online after calling Fox a doppelganger and the ensuing turmoil. Fox admitted this in an interview with E! News. She told the site, “I didn’t watch it, but I think nobody deserves to be bullied in general.” She went on, “I don’t think she deserved that.” “People went way too hard, in my opinion.”

Concerning the comparison itself, what is it? Fox told E! News that she “absolutely sees it,” adding, “People have told her, ‘You kind of look like Megan Fox.’ Thus, I think she’s telling the truth, and I hope her spark of enthusiasm endures.”

She said, “I hope the world didn’t steal it from her. My victim of 20 years of bullying pᴀssed away a long time ago. Thus, I’m hoping that didn’t occur to her. Best wishes and blessings.” After receiving a reaction on social media for claiming that she had been compared to Fox, Blackwell acknowledged that people were “so mean.”

Who is Chelsea Blackwell?
The reality star told Entertainment Tonight that she felt compelled to contact Fox because of the remarks, saying, “I’m so sorry I did this to you.” Fox did not say whether or not she had spoken with Blackwell in her most recent interview with E! News.

During a pod date with Jimmy, Chelsea mentioned that although she doesn’t see it, she occasionally gets compared to the well-known actress and Machine Gun Kelly’s fiancée. Commenters attacked the remarks for deviating from the experiment’s goal and on the physical.

n the sixth season of Love Is Blind, there’s a lot to know about Chelsea Blackwell, one of the most notorious cast members of the show. When Chelsea revealed to Jimmy that she was frequently told she looked like the stunning movie star Megan Fox, she became well-known in the pods. Jimmy seemed ecstatic about the idea and quickly asked Chelsea to marry him, which caused many to believe he picked her because of her claimed resemblance to him.

Even if their relationship isn’t always smooth, they are going strong. She had previously been married, yet not much is known about it. According to Chelsea, Netflix, she has been waiting for this chance to fall in love. And she’s searching for her “husband, best friend, travel companion, and forever person.”

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