Overflowing with Self-ᴀssurance: The Story of a Strong Woman

Angelina Jolie is more than just a talented actress – she embodies our aspirations and fantasies through her portrayals of vulnerable characters, compᴀssionate activists, and even as Brad Pitt’s partner. Her upcoming film, Wanted, showcases her desire for action and adventure. Jolie also shares personal insights into her unconventional family life with Pitt, which has been shaped by her own childhood experiences. During an interview with Rich Cohen, Jolie talks about the recent loss of her mother, her complicated relationship with her father, and her feelings of sensuality during her second pregnancy.

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As we all know, pregnancy is a unique journey for every woman. Some women take pleasure in the changes their body undergoes, while others do not. Angelina Jolie seems to be one of those women who relished every moment of her pregnancy. She was pH๏τographed numerous times during her pregnancy with twins back in 2008. Many believe that her partner, Brad Pitt, who is an attractive and charming man, could have contributed to her love for pregnancy. Nevertheless, Jolie joyfully flaunted her growing baby bump, which had grown significantly by the time the media had gotten hold of it.

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With a happy chuckle and a bright grin, she conveyed her admiration for it, saying, “It makes me feel like a woman. It gives me a sense of purpose in every part of my body,” while gesturing with her hands similar to that of a basketball player, pressing down on a ripe fruit. “As you become more curved and flexible, having a tiny life growing inside is absolutely amazing.”

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During our meeting at the Four Seasons H๏τel in Austin, Texas, the actress shared her positive pregnancy experience and how it varies among women based on their partners. Jolie considers herself lucky as her partner finds her pregnancy attractive, which makes her feel Sєxy. Prior to our meeting, Jolie dropped off two of her children at a nearby school while the other four were being taken care of by nannies and tutors on a rented ranch. These children, adopted from different countries, include Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, and Pax. Jolie also briefly discussed the movie “Tree of Life,” sharing that it has an existential theme and features Pitt playing the role of a strong father in a nuclear 1950s family.

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During my conversation with Jolie, she shared that overnight stays are not permitted for those seeking ᴀssistance. However, the organization works with a diverse group of women from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including a talented Vietnamese instructor, a woman with Congolese heritage who resides in Belgium, and a creative American who leads art programs. Though their policies may need to be adapted in the future, the team is currently doing an excellent job.

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The Jolie-Pitt clan is breaking stereotypes with their unconventional family dynamic, consisting of children from diverse backgrounds and parents who are not married officially yet stunningly beautiful. While some critics may focus on their marital status, Angelina Jolie has clarified that both she and Brad have been through it before. She further explains that creating a loving family and being exceptional parents is not a walk in the park, and maybe their unique approach suits them best. Even though they are not legally married, they share a deep commitment that surpᴀsses any official document or ceremony.

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Upon her arrival at the Four Seasons, Jolie glanced around the room before making her way across the floor with her head down. She seemed quite used to being in the spotlight and possibly even felt unsafe. As T.S. Eliot famously wrote, “The roses had the look of flowers that are looked at.” Jolie moved briskly through the lobby, resembling a shark swimming through the ocean. She often concealed her idenтιтy by obscuring her face or attempting to make herself appear ordinary, as many celebrities do. However, those around her reacted distinctly, creating a flurry of activity. Jolie carried herself with an air of dignity, almost like an emissary from a secret organization or a messenger from a lost kingdom, as evidenced in every pH๏τograph taken of her. Although she was frequently portrayed as a princess or aristocrat, in person, she appeared more human and genuine. The same product was still present, but it was removed from the dream world created by set designers and advertisers.

During our interview, we sat near a wall of windows in the H๏τel restaurant. People circled around Jolie, much like debris orbiting a planet, in a phenomenon known as gravity. She wore a silky maternity dress under a blazer reminiscent of a stand-up comic or Frankenstein. After some time, she removed her jacket, revealing her arms adorned with hieroglyphic tattoos that told stories of her wild teenage years and marriages to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton. I asked Jolie about her pregnancy and how far along she was, which piqued my curiosity.

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She wore a sad smile as she chose not to reveal the due date, fearing that it would cause people to worry. Whenever Pitt or Jolie works on a movie, they take their family with them and try to create a sense of familiarity and routine by bringing items from home. They view cities and towns as mere backdrops and locations, and instead consider anywhere that feels like HOME in all caps as their sanctuary, a distant memory from someone else’s past. Jolie is an exceptional celebrity who takes on her characters’ stories in real life, making her a reverse Method actor. Rather than becoming the character, the character becomes her, as seen in her portrayals of the troubled teenager in Girl, Interrupted, the rebellious model in Gia, the compᴀssionate humanitarian in Beyond Borders, and her role as Brad Pitt’s “wife” in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

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Angelina Jolie opened up about her decision to star in the action movie Wanted, alongside James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman. She explained that she was drawn to the physical and violent role as she was going through a difficult time after her mother’s pᴀssing. Jolie was in a strange state of mind, transitioning from filming the kidnapping movie Changeling to another film centered around loss and abduction. This period was hectic for Jolie, who was busy with various film projects, adoptions, and philanthropic endeavors. Her personal life had become a subject of constant scrutiny in the media. Despite all this attention, Jolie had established herself as a highly-regarded actress, earning many accolades and becoming one of the highest-paid stars in the industry. In 2008, speaking with Jolie felt like engaging with an iconic Hollywood figure at the height of their fame.

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As we shared a meal, Jolie radiated a sense of happiness and fulfillment that came along with being pregnant. We savored each dish as if time was standing still, enjoying the moment. Her laughter was paired with a hand that covered her mouth, and when she moved it, there was a hint of nostalgia in her eyes as she gazed out the window. Our conversation covered a range of topics from her family to her career, including her relationship with Pitt. Despite her vow to marry outside of her industry after her previous divorce, Brad drew her in, although he was nothing like what she was looking for. He turned out to be the ideal father figure that she had hoped for. She viewed him more as a dad who loved architecture and travel than an actor. Jolie had high hopes that he would focus more on architecture, despite not being an architect himself. Brad had previously collaborated with partners to design H๏τels and studios, and he also worked with other architects to renovate a sH๏τgun house in green architecture, teaching Jolie valuable lessons about the importance of the environment in the homes we live in.

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Angelina Jolie recently shared her observations about the evolution of paparazzi culture. She pointed out that many people nowadays are drawn to sensational and scandalous news like a moth to a flame. Consuming these types of stories is akin to indulging in junk food, as it provides temporary satisfaction but can be detrimental in the long run. In the past, celebrities kept their private lives separate from their professional work, but in today’s era, people seem more interested in trivial matters such as fashion choices and romantic relationships. When asked about parenting, Jolie shifted the conversation towards her children and joked about using clichéd statements like “I don’t care who started it, but I’m here to finish it.”

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During our conversation, my friend told me about a parenting system she had discovered in a magazine. It involved giving children sticker stars as rewards that could be exchanged for treats, which not only helped control their behavior but also taught them about capitalism. However, she emphasized that her own mother’s approach to parenting was even more valuable to her. Her mother had taught her to embrace her unique personality, which she believes is crucial. Nonetheless, my friend also mentioned that she can discipline her kids if necessary.

Since I was interested in her thoughts on adoption, I asked her if there was any difference in the bond between a mother and her biological child versus an adopted one. Although she replied with a “no,” she later shared that she found the experience of having a C-section fascinating and miraculous. Since she had always wanted to adopt from a young age, she sees it as a gift rather than a sacrifice. She feels grateful to have children from three different continents.

When I asked her about her first adoption experience, Jolie shared that it had fulfilled her long-standing desire to provide a home for a child. She also expressed her joy in watching her child grow and learn new things each day.

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During an interview, Jolie talked about her experience with motherhood. She recalled the time a nurse brought Maddox to her for the first time and left soon after. Jolie was unsure about how to care for a baby and called her mother to ask how many bottles he needed in a day. Shiloh was born in a small hospital in Namibia and they were the only patients there. Despite her initial worries, Jolie found it to be a beautiful experience with caring doctors and nurses in a cozy environment. She revealed that they named Shiloh after a name her parents had almost given to their first child before a miscarriage. Jolie also discussed her approach to religion, explaining that she plans to raise her children to learn about different religions and cultures. Throughout the interview, Jolie frequently mentioned her mother and the impact she had on her life, particularly in teaching her about dying. She admired her mother’s dedication to the family and learned the importance of prioritizing the needs of those being raised.

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While discussing her mother, Jolie was overcome with emotion and struggled to keep her voice steady and eyes dry. She went on to share how she explained the pᴀssing of her mother to her son using various beliefs about the afterlife. Furthermore, Jolie took charge of arranging for her mother’s body to be picked up from the morgue and expressed relief that her mother was no longer suffering. Reflecting on her childhood, Jolie recounted watching her father in a movie where his character died, causing her to question the line between fantasy and reality. Despite her father’s Oscar-winning film “Coming Home,” Jolie admitted to never having seen the movie.

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Jolie’s personal experiences, including her father leaving her mother for another woman, have influenced her stance on rumors about her involvement in Pitt’s split from Aniston. Her rocky relationship with her estranged father, Voight, has also had an impact on her, as his influence as an actor is significant. With her parents’ divorce during her childhood, Jolie longs for a big family and believes that artists raise their children differently, emphasizing art and creativity. Despite starring in less-than-stellar films early on, Jolie’s talent for acting shone through, with each role adding to her persona, such as meeting her first husband in Hackers or portraying a lesbian in Gia. Mr. & Mrs. Smith solidified her relationship with Pitt, despite potentially contributing to his divorce from Aniston, and highlights the facade of movie stars pretending to be ordinary people.

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