Paige Spiranac Celebrates 30th Birthday With Daring Swimsuit PH๏τo: ‘Never Felt Sєxier’

Happy birthday to our favorite golf influencer! Paige Spiranac turned 30 on Sunday, March 26, and shared an absolutely stunning pH๏τo to celebrate the milestone.


The one-time SI Swimsuit model wore a bright red high-cut one-piece swimsuit featuring a plunging neckline. She paired the cheeky look with a yellow construction hard hat that read “Caution Old Zone” as she posed in front of several caution, yield, stop and danger signs.

“Today is my 30th Birthday❤️,” she captioned an Instagram post shared with her 3.7 million followers. “I know most women don’t like to talk about their age because people act like there is a shelf life and treat us like spoiled milk lol. Truth is I’ve never felt Sєxier and more confident in my own skin. Here’s [to] getting older! Rest of this shoot over on OP🥰.”


Spiranac also shared the same post on Twitter. She was pH๏τographed by Brad Olson, whom she has worked with before. Tons of celebrity friends and fellow golfers chimed in to the comments to wish her a happy birthday. People also noted the resemblance to Baywatch icon Pamela Anderson.


“30’s are the best,” gushed Maiya Tanaka. “The best is yet to come! Enjoy your day!! Happy birthday!”


Earlier this year, the Maxim H๏τ 100 cover star launched her subscription based website OnlyPaige to provide paying fans with exclusive content like golf instruction videos, personal Q&As and unreleased pH๏τos.

Thirty, flirty, and thriving

— Paige Spiranac (@PaigeSpiranac) March 26, 2023



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