Paige Spiranac sprawls on bed in skinтιԍнт gym gear as fans say ‘and I thought you couldn’t get any more beautiful’

GOLF favourite Paige Spiranac gave fans an eyeful with her latest Instagram post.

The influencer, who often takes to Instagram to give her 3.9million followers golf tips uploaded a selfie.

Paige opted for a pared back selfieCredit: Instagram @_paige.renee

She begun the rise of golf influencingCredit: Instagram @_paige.renee

Paige opted for an all-white ensembleCredit: Instagram @_paige.renee
Paige was fresh faced as she said good morning to her followers.

She captioned the post: “☀️Rise and shine☀️.

“The @byltbasics fabric is so good I can wear to workout, on the golf course and even to bed💕”.

The influencer was wearing a white vest top and shorts.

Fans were quick to heap praise on the influencer.

One fan commented: “POV: You wake up winning at life.”

Another wrote: “Only You can wear white after Labour Day.”

A third posted: “I love your makeup free look. You don’t even need any. Just a natural beauty 🙂”


Paige recently released a calendarCredit:

And is known for her striking outfitsCredit: Instagram
A fourth wrote: “The 3rd pic is best because of your beautiful smile.”

While a fifth commented: “You look amazing this way. I mean without makeup, natural!”

Fans of Paige can secure additional golf tips from the influencer by signing up to her website ‘’.

The website’s tagline is “VIP access to all things Paige… Except that.”

A glimpse inside Paige Spiranac’s glamorous life…

She gains messages of support whenever she posts a new pH๏τoCredit: Instagram @_paige.renee

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