Stop editing Chelsea Blackwell to look like Megan Fox

In case you missed it, Netflix is currently dropping episodes from its sixth season of Love is Blind. The hit reality dating show allows contestants to meet each otherfall in love, and get engaged before seeing each other. A month after they’ve met face to face, they’re asked to prove whether or not love is truly blind by getting married.

The show is a social media frenzy, and one of the biggest moments from the show online has been contestant Chelsea Blackwell’s claim that she’s been told she looks like Megan Fox. Her fiancé, Jimmy Presnell, said in a Love is Blind confessional that he doesn’t see the resemblance and to be fair to Blackwell, she said she doesn’t either.

Regardless, the internet is divided on whether or not Blackwell looks like Megan Fox. The debate has caused such a stir that Brian Austin Green, Fox’s ex-husband, even weighed in, saying that Blackwell wasn’t wise to compare herself to Fox because of Fox’s widely recognized beauty and opened herself to criticism on her looks.

Seemingly in an effort to get down to the bottom of whether or not Blackwell resembles Fox, some TikTokers have edited photos of Blackwell’s face and body to show how she could look more like Fox: Natalie Bright photoshopped Blackwell’s face, Tyler Edit used the perfect face ratio on Blackwell, and The Pretty You showed what Blackwell would look like with a photoshopped face and darker hair.

Even Resting Botox Face, a botox nurse, posted a video describing what injections she would use on Blackwell to make her look more like Fox. The nurse turned comments off on her TikTok after receiving backlash from viewers about giving unsolicited beauty advice to Blackwell.

Why it matters

If Resting Botox Face turning off her comments is any indication, many think that editing Blackwell or suggesting how she can modify her body to look more like Fox is too far. Social media can already be a breeding ground for body-shaming and insecurities—and that’s without someone directly telling you what parts of your body you should change.

Imagine how all this content makes Blackwell feel. She hasn’t said anything to address the videos directly, but she did post a TikTok jokingly asking anyone who has ever told her she resembles Megan Fox to come forward.

Please,” Blackwell says in the video. “I’m begging you.”

She also posted a TikTok implying that she’s been crying non-stop.

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