TikTok trend about Megan Fox’s bottom teeth debunked as ‘joke’ after dentist wades in

TikTok is no stranger to bizarre trends – but this one may take the biscuit. Users have been posting videos on the platform showing how their mouth looks when they speak, specifically comparing their teeth to those of Hollywood star Megan Fox, dubbing her a 'bottom teeth talker'.

After one TikTok user, @ lifecrisisinducedglowup, credited Fox for showing her how to "act with my bottom teeth", many have jumped on the trend revealing that they also show their lower set of gnashers when chatting, just like the movie star.

In one video, one woman admitted to feeling self conscious about the way she talks, saying: "So apparently Megan Fox turned my insecurity into a trend."

Fox has been compared with Kiera Knightley – who has been dubbed by one user as the 'og (original) bottom teeth talker'.

Videos of others attempting to emulate Fox’s way of speaking have garnered millions of views, even promoting a dentist to get involved in the conversation.

Dr Joyce, who goes by @joycethedentist on TikTok, posted two videos admiring Fox’s teeth, with one explaining how as a person grows older and their face droops over time, their bottom teeth become more visible when they talk.

In a strange turn of events, the creator who posted the original video has come out saying that she started the trend as 'test' – and that her observation about Fox’s teeth was a "inside joke".

Woman with brown hair wearing a white top talks about Megan Fox's teeth while pointing to a small picture of the movie star in the corner of the screen.

Woman with brown hair and wearing a black mouths a sing to the camera.

The TikToker admitted in a follow-up video that she wanted to prove a point about how easy it is to start a trend and get other users to copy.

She said: "I was like, I’m gonna start a small microtrend that is a complete lie and only I will know, it will be like my inside joke when people start to replicate it."

She added: "[Fox] definitely talks with her bottom teeth, but not more than the normal person does, not enough to say that it’s a Megan Fox thing."

The woman also appreciated how recognisable Fox’s smile is and claimed she never meant to poke fun at anyone about the way they talk.

After thousands got involved in the trend, many are still unaware of its origins and continue to post videos showing their gnashers off.

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